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Sanchéz Pacheco, 73. 28002. Madrid. Spain

Tel: +34-915-102-999


High DNA quality, maximum DNA quantity extracted from prenatal samples (amniotic fluid/ chronionic villus). CE-IVD Kit suitable for aCGH, aSNP.


CE-IVD kit specifically designed for DNA purification from blood samples. 


Specifically developet from Formalin Fixation and Paraffin Embedding (FFPE tissue sample. 

Cell-Free DNA

CE-IVD kit specially designed for circulating cell-free DNA

New optimized iGENatal kit

Prenatal samples

New iGENatal kit:

Advanced phenol-free version of iGENatal, specifically designed for DNA extraction from low cellularity samples (5·10  ) with high yield and DNA quality.


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