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Our location

Sánchez Pacheco, 73

28002 Madrid



Tel: +34 91 510 29 99
Fax: +34  91 519 13 26

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Purchasing order

Spain and Portugal

Distributor Genycell Biotech España, S.L. 

Distribution in Spain and Portugal is taken over by Genycell Biotech Spain, exclusively for New iGENatal and non-exclusively for other products in our catalog. To place your purchase order, please write here:

Other locations 

ilab Tech commercializes its products all over the world. To place your purchase order from outside Spain and Portugal, please contact ilab tech under:

Tel: +34 91 510 29 99

Fax: +34 91 519 13 26


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Become our distributor

igen biotech seeks new collaborations to make accessible its products to new markets. If interested in exploring new opportunities with us, please contact here:



Technical support

Please, do not hesitate to keep in contact with our Technical Team to solve any problem or doubt you have:

Tel: +34 91 510 29 99

Fax: +34 91 519 13 26


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