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New iGENatal kit (CE-IVD)

DNA extraction technology specifically designed for prenatal samples: amniotic fluid and chronionic villus. New iGENatal kit is an optimized phenol-free version of iGENatal which keeps all the features that make from it a unique product in its market.

Product specifications

Specifically designed for low cellularity samples (5·10 ) with minimum sample size: 2-4 ml amniotic fluid or 2-3 mg chorionic villus.

High DNA extraction yield: It allows extraction of 70% more DNA quantity with respect to Gold standard.

High-quality and purity of DNA extracted, making it suitable for arrays-CGH and arrays-SNP without need for previous cell culture.

Absorbance ratios:

  • A260/A230 is over 2, meaning that DNA is macromolecule-free and above all.

  • A260/A280 ratio is between 1.7 - 1.9, what implies low RNA and peptide contamination.

Extraction time lower than 2 hours.
​Does not contain phenol.

Product datasheet

Extraction protocol:

Safety datasheet:


Technology support

iGENatal was selected by the National Health System (NHS) of United Kingdom as part of their streamlined workflow in prenatal diagnostic based on array-CGH. See scientific article here: NHS research study.

​iGENatal was developed in-house by igen biotech with the financial support of the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI) that belongs to the Ministry for Science and Innovation.

Other information of interest

iGENatal kit has been developed in igen biotech's laboratory with the financial support of CDTI (MINECO).

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